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The Municipal Emergency Services Authority of Lancaster County (MESA; pronounced māy-sah) provides 911 emergency medical services previously provided by Northwest EMS to member municipalities in northwest Lancaster County.

Like so many EMS agencies, Northwest EMS was facing insolvency due to insufficient revenue and rising costs. MESA is a publicly funded municipal authority formed to replace Northwest EMS and ensure that 911 EMS service is ready and available on a sustainable basis.

If you believe you are having a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

Conoy Township
Elizabethtown Borough
Mount Joy Township
East Donegal Township
Marietta Borough
West Donegal Township

Essential Public Service

Municipalities are responsible for many things – recreation facilities, police services, stormwater management and snow removal to name a few. In Pennsylvania, municipalities are also required by law to ensure the provision of emergency medical services.

As a municipal EMS authority, MESA provides this essential public service.

  • Dedicated 911 EMS ambulance service
  • 24/7 readiness to respond to 911 EMS calls
  • Sustainable, equitable public funding model
  • Accessible leadership and public meetings

Funded By The Community

Unlike ambulance agencies that generate revenue through voluntary contributions, which leave them deeply underfunded, MESA charges property owners a mandatory annual fee to fund its operations and ensure 24/7 readiness to respond to EMS calls.

Benefits to residents of MESA member municipalities include:

  • No residual bills for EMS services if your insurance pays
  • 50% off EMS bills if you do not have insurance coverage
  • 50% off EMS bills if your payment applies to a deductible

Join The MESA Team

MESA offers full-time and part-time employment opportunities for paramedics, EMTs, EMS administrators and non-medical professionals in a welcoming and family-like environment with competitive pay, benefits and time-off.